Bike tour C – Appian Roman countryside

Bike tour C - The appian Way

Start: Trastevere (1), Isola Tiberina (2), Circo Massimo (3), Passeggiata archeologica alle terme di Caracalla (4), Porta San Sebastiano (5), Catacombe di San Callisto (6), Mausoleo di Cecilia Metella (7), Tempio di Giove (8), Villa dei Quintili (9), Parco degli acquedotti (10), Acquedotto Felice (11), Parco della Caffarella (12), via Latina (13), back to Trastevere.

Please wear comfortable clothing and sneakers. In autumn, winter and spring it could rain but the temperate climate of Rome will let you cycle without problems. We suggest to bring a raincoat with you. Backpacks for your personal belongings are also available.

Deals for families and groups of min 5 pax.

€ 60.00 each person taxes included

€ 120.00 2 person taxes included

€ 165.00 3 person taxes included

€ 200.00 4 person taxes included

€ 225.00 5 person taxes included

€ 240.00 6 person taxes included

Helmet and hygiene cap included

Starting from Rome Trastevere

Difficult: medium - simple

Duration: 3/4 hours

Distance 20 km.

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