Vespa rental Rome: how to live the city like a true roman

When one thinks of Rome, the first things that come to mine, besides the Coliseum and the Trevi Fountain, are Vespa scooters. Hollywood really helped in building our “italian imagery”, so we associate Rome with Audrey Hepburn riding a Vespa with Gregory Peck on the streets, or chic ladies with fine clothes and leather boots riding through city traffic. If you want to try this kind of experience, living the eternal city like your movie hero or simple like a true roman, the best way to do it is using our Vespa rental Rome.

Vespa rental Rome: Where to rent and what to see

Rome For You’s venues are located in Trastevere and Piazza Argentina, two pretty central spots of the city. Trastevere is a very nice neighborhood that had preserved the taste of the folkloristic Rome, with its alleys, taverns, paleo-christian churches and a very energetic nightlife, while Piazza Argentina is more like a crossroad to get to places like Piazza Navona, Campo dei Fiori, etc.

From there you have many possibilities you can choose from.
 Do you want to see the ancient side of the city? You can go to Piazza Venezia and from there going straight to Fori Imperial’s road, where you’ll see the Imperial forum and the Coliseum, and then moving towards the Octaviant Gate , Marcello’s Theatre, the Bocca della Verità and Circo Massimo.

If you want to discovery the magnificence of the Christian Age , go and see the Vatican, with the Basilica di San Pietro, the church of San Giovanni in Laterano where you can climb the Scala Sancta, the churches of Santa Maria Maggiore, Santa Croce in Gerusalemme and San Clemente, which is a very peculiar church: first it was a pagan temple, then a paleo-christian church and then a proper basilica.

You are a lover of the Renaissance ? You could make a route through the wonderful buildings that have been built by the most important aristocratic families during the XVI century. Starting from Campo dei Fiori, go to Piazza navona to see the Altemps museum, then Piazza Farnese and then move towards Ponte Sisto and look at the Lincei’s academy, palazzo Farnesina and galleria Corsini.

If you prefer the opulence of the Baroque , you should visit Piazza di Spagna and the Bernini’s Barcaccia, Trevi’s fountain, the Pantheon, Piazza Navona with its fountain of the four rivers and end the visit at the Borghese’s gallery.

For visitors that have already been to Rome and want to see something different, you can go towards more pheripheral areas like Testaccio, Garbatella, the Jewish Ghetto, San Lorenzo, Pigneto and the highlight: the quartiere Coppedé.

Why sightseeing only in daylight? Try at night

At night moving around Rome with public transportation isn’t easy, the service is open only till midnight and is a bit slowed down, so if you plan to do something the Vespa is truly your best friend. According to the latin writer Juvenal, at those times, Rome at night wasn’t a safe place, but today one of the best experience you can try is drive through the city at night.

You can do it “early” like at 9 PM, but you’ll probably still find traffic, noise and people roaming everywhere. The real deal is wandering around midnight, when everything is more quiet, monuments that are normally crowded are standing there, lonely and quiet. At night Rome really seems like a open-day museum, all yours to enjoy.

Of course if late night escapades aren’t your thing, you can try doing a “hill tour” at sunset, is super picturesque and very romantic. I suggest to end the visit at the Gianicolo hill in order to admire one of the best view of Rome.

We hope that we have convinced you to try and see the city in a different and more complete way. We of the Rome For You team are waiting for you to choose our vespa rental service in Rome and give you a wonderful, unique experience on your vacation.